Nader Samanian Biography
  • ثبت نام
  • Graduate of Acting and Directing from University of Tehran (1995)
    Born in 1968
    TV. Producing of I.R.I.B. (1997 up to now)
    Member of Design & Plan Council of I.R.I.B. (1997 to 2004)
    - Member of Supervision and Evaluation Council of Guidance (2003 to 2007)
    - Member of Production Council of Iran Youth Cinema Association (2004 to 2007)
    - Instructor of Theater and Cinema for In-Service-Training Courses of Teachers of Departments General of Education
    - Inspector and Arbitrator of Festivals of student, university students, work and attempt, regional, provincial, state, artistic area, Fajr, etc. in different periods
    Man Ham Khodahafez (1992), Director
    Khodahafez (1993), Actor
    Dar Entezare Godo (1994), Director & Scene Designer
    Ojagh Koor (1994), Actor
    Gheseye Hamishegi Div O Pari (puppetry) (1994), Director
    Kashfe Nabze Lahzeha (Thesis of Bachelor’s Degree) (1995), Actor
    Sarbaze Lafzan (1996), Director
    Shatranjbaz (1996), Director & Actor
    Tadavan (Documented) (1998), Director
    Az Kalame Oliya (Serial) (1991), Director
    Az Yad Rafteh (Short Film) (1993), Writer & Director
    Gol O Jahleh (Tele Theater) (1994), Producer
    Kashaneh (Serial) (1996), Actor
    Khanjar (Tele Film) (1998), Director
    Jadouye Mahtab (Serial) (1998), Actor
    Yade Ayyam (Serial) (1999), Director
    Tofange Sarpor (Serial) (1999), Actor
    Nabshe Khiyabane Dovvom (Cinema Film) (2004), Designer, Producer & Director
    Rofaghaye Khoub (Tele Film) (2008), Writer, Producer & Director
    More than 45 Short Tele Theaters and Several Short Films from Productions of Jaam-e-Jam Cinematic Institute
    Secretary of Tehran Young Artists First Gathering (2001)
    Secretary of Short Plays Second Festival for Artists and Graduates of Tehran Institute (2004)
    Founder, Patentee, Director of Education and Instructor of Jaam-e-Jam Cinematic Institute, established in 2009 (1999)

نبش خیابان دوم

فیلم سینمایی نبش خیابان دوم 

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رفقای خوب

رفقای خوب 

فیلم سینمای رفقای خوب برای تماشای تریلر فیلم کلیک کنید 

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